Electronics Industries

Precision Components

We have experienced in machining for precision for Medical, Electronic and Instrument Components. We have taken components from pre-production prototyping through high volume production. We take responsibility for all processing including centerless grinding, plating, heat treating, laser marking and finishing. Experienced machining using titanium, stainless steel, tool steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and all type high proformance engineering plastics.

Functional Tester

In addition to manufactured, Functional testing is widely used in the industry to verify electronic products. This is why Highturn has always paid a special attention to the specific requirements of functional testing. Our dedicated engineering staff is prepared to handle all of your mechanical and electrical requirements. Only you need to send us your PCB gerber data and let us know your functional test criteria than we will make a one for you.

Jigs & Fixtures

Now with our company have not limitations for to fabricate base on your process requirement of you production process . Jigs and Fixture can saved 60% to 70% of your production time, enabling us to take on more business. We can machining using aluminum, Tool steel, Bakelite, Durostone, G10 and all type of engineering plastic. Including ESD material that your request. e.g. soldering fixture, assembly fixture, holding jig, bending jig and etc.

Wave Solder Pallet

Wave Solder Pallets significantly streamline the circuit assembly process, eliminating the need for extensive manpower and manual labor. We only need some informationfor you to making the solder pallet, 1. PCB gerber file, 2.Opening for components (soldering), 3.Components height datasheet. Only these file are strong enough to us for design and machining your pallet to your production. We can machining using material Durostone, Solidstone, CDM and etc.